How to Buy Genomequity Tokens

Genomequity tokens are available for sale in exchange for Waves tokens on the Waves Decentralized Exchange.

To buy GEQ, you’ll need a Waves account and some Waves tokens.


Create a Waves account.

Download the Waves Client at and follow the prompts to create a new Waves account.



Add Waves to your account.

Waves can be purchased directly in the Waves client, or can be acquired through many reputable exchanges including Binance, Bittrex, Bithumb, and many others. Click here for a complete list of exchanges.

To send Waves or other fiat/cryptocurrency tokens to your Waves wallet, click the “Receive” button and follow the prompts to load funds into your wallet..



Purchase Genomequity Tokens

Navigate to the Exchange tab in the Waves Client and search for the Genomequity/Waves market, or follow this link directly to the GEQ/Waves market on the online client.

Make sure that the Genomequity token asset ID matches exactly to: E6SQYSacCJtYRR8BqYBCTFBh8rPcTED5H8CXQZScMCL4

Enter the amount of Genomequity tokens you would like to purchase and click “Buy Genomequity” to exchange your Waves tokens for Genomequity tokens.